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Early Spring– As soon as the weather breaks we are out the door applying our first application of crabgrass preventer & fertilizer. All of our fertilizers are granular. They have advantages over liquid fertilizers. They last longer, are not washed away by rain, and the nitrogen is time released into the soil and plant


Spring – We start spraying weeds in early April as soon as the temperatures are warm enough. We use a product that is low odor and kills even the hardest to kill weeds such as violets, ground ivy, and many others.


Late Spring – This application is the same as the early spring application. The reason we split the product is because the active ingredient only lasts in the soil for a certain amount of time. To get season long control a split application is necessary.


Early Fall – If your lawn is in need of aerating and overseeding, then a starter fertilizer will be applied at this time. If you choose not to do any seeding, then a slow release fertilizer is applied. This application is very important, as 75% of your lawns fertilizer needs to be applied in the Fall.


Fall – Many people do not realize that many weeds emerge this time of the year. Dandelions, chick weed and many other weeds germinate in September. Controlling these weeds at this time will leave less weeds in the spring. Some weeds are also easier to kill during the fall, rather than the spring.


Late Fall – This application is a 46-0-0 high nitrogen fertilizer that is applied when the temperatures stay below 50 degrees or as best we can forecast. This fertilizer will promote root growth and a quick spring green up.


Yellow Nutsedge – This weed can be a big problem for lawns and landscape. If not controlled each year, it will spread rapidly. As it spreads it robs nutrients, and chokes out the grass as well. We use a product that not only kills the nutsedge, but it also kills the root and tubers.


Grub Control – Grubs are in most lawns, you just don’t really know if they are in your area until you are digging. Your lawn might only have a handful of grubs and you never see the damage, but you also could have thousands that will damage your entire lawn. The product we use to control grubs lasts the entire season and is applied in June. The cost to repair a grub damaged lawn is usually 6 or 7 times what it cost to treat for the grubs initially.
We offer other lawn applications that can be applied if your lawn is in need of certain nutrients based on the soil sample that was taken. The first six applications listed above are our base program and will give you a green, weed free lawn. There are always things that could occur such as yellow nutsedge, grubs, fungus etc.. These issues are treated on an as needed basis.



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